Welcome On-board – The Game Canada – Chapter One Taiwan!

Go & Get Ready Teams: Boarding on November 23, 2017 Team Double Double, Team Adventure Crew, Team Adventourists and our Celebrity Guest Player Amy and Laurence.

Congratulations to all three teams who earn their “true” Likes of their posting on Facebook & Instagram from their followers, friends and families in the selection stage and being qualified as final contestant teams.

Stay tuned for more postings upcoming on The Game Canada – Chapter One Taiwan. Guessing who is the winner and all followers has a chance to win one Air Canada ticket to Asia.


At the Airport

The Game Canada Itinerary, Tasks and Rules.

Day 1 – Arrival at Taipei and Task 1 Shi Lin Night Market

Day 2 – Sun Moon Lake Bicycle Experience

Day 3 – Yang Ming Shan National Park

Day 3 – Task 2 – Find the destination in Taipei City!

Day 3 – Task 3 – Buy the most variety of food items at Jiu Fen!

Day 4 – Task 4 – Cooking Challenge & Souvenir

The Game Canada 2017 – Chapter 1 – Taiwan – Final video

The Game Canada 2017 – Behind the sence

Day 1 

Day 2

Day 3 – Part 1

Day 3 – Part 2

Day 4 

The Game Canada 2017 – Final Winner!

Congratulations to our “The Game Canada 2017 Final Winning Team” – Double Double. Thank you Albert and Connie for their hard work and they had the most amazing supporters along the way. Team Double Double will be qualified for The Game 2018 adventure, and granted with the winner prize with $1000 Canadian Dollar Travel Coupon from Mandarin Holidays. Contest result is based on Facebook Like on each post, and it is summarized and present as a percentage pie chart shown above.

We would like to thank you for all the participant teams, fans and supporters. Without your support The Game Canada 2017 won’t be as successful. We hope to see you again in The Game Canada 2018. We will be announcing two more lucky-draw winners from our supporters and participants. Stay Tune!

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